Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Choking on the health care debate

I just read this article:


It amazes me that people actually bought into Michael Moore's "self-less" propaganda in the form of 2007's 'Sicko'.

Free for the people does not mean better, we should have known this through experiencing mall food court samples or getting crushed sample bags of potato chips in the mail. Not to mention the Heinleinian truism: There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

One of the reasons the UK can (on the surface) support a government-run system is because Americans do most of the dirty work by spending millions of dollars and several decades on R&D for new drugs.

I'll be adding on to this blog post with the more research I do, but as I recall, the CT scan was first developed in England. Today, the U.S leaves the UK in the dust in terms of scanners per capita.

Hopefully, this tragic story will clear the air for proponents of market solutions to health care.

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  1. I'm also for a solution that is based on pure competition, but given the choice between the current system (half-ass regulation) and a fully government-run one, I choose the government. The stale, corrupt system of insurance companies is monopolizing the relationship between patient and doctor. Anyway, our vision of an ideal system is probably the same, it's just that I am far too pessimistic about the possibility of natural transition into such a system.