Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Season Plays - Media Blurbs


Berlin, 1930. The Nazi influence is slowly increasing, the party gaining members. The Kit Kat Club remains a peaceful and decadent escape haven for the more liberal minded folk. Sally Bowles, a British singer performs a sexy cabaret piece and wins the heart of Cliff Bradshaw, with whom she eventually falls in love. Not all in Cliff and Sally’s life is a dream however. When Cliff asks Sally to return to America with him, she sharply refuses, believing their life in Germany is fantastic and choosing to consciously ignore the oppressive regime growing ever more prevalent. Lovely songs, costumes and scenery unite on stage in this fantastically romantic yet tragic musical.

The 39 Steps

What do you get when you mix the ‘hard-boiled’ detective fiction of Dashiell Hammett, the romantic espionage of Alfred Hitchcock and the absurdist comedy of Monty Python? Answer: ‘The 39 Steps’! Broadway’s longest running comedy thriller is hitting the Tallahassee Little Theatre. When an average Joe learns about a secret spy organization run by a man with a missing finger and then gets tangled up in a murder investigation, what started off as a typical night at a bar soon becomes a heart-pounding and hilarious manhunt. ‘The 39 Steps’ is sure to provide edge-of-your seat, tour-de-force fun for everyone in the family.

The Color Purple

In this poetic and beautiful musical which was recently attached to one of the biggest names in entertainment, Oprah Winfrey, a young woman converses with God about life, love and loss. Set in rural Georgia in 1909, 14 year old Cecile is pregnant for a second time and dealing with the death of her mother. She lives a life of quiet desperation, suffering poverty, sexual abuse and physical abuse. Her saving grace comes in the form of sultry blues singer Shug Avery, who gives Cecile the strength and support needed to turn her life around and start fresh. This tear-jerker is sure to stick with you long after the show is over.

The Foreigner

When you pose as an exotic stranger, the results aren’t always glamorous- you may become privy to information you wish you hadn’t learned! In this side-splitting comedy, outgoing military man Froggy LeSueur and timid Englishman Charlie Baker are vacationing in a fishing resort. Charlie is too shy to even speak, so Froggy tells fellow guests that he is from a faraway land and doesn’t understand any English. This constructed affectation soon proves to be trouble, when more and more guests begin revealing their deepest and darkest secrets and scandals to Charlie. This colorful cast includes a young simpleton, a racist property inspector, a Southern heiress, and a preacher with a naughty side.

How I Learned To Drive

Growing up in 1960’s Maryland with some less than enlightened family members proves difficult for young Li’l Bit, our starring actress. Her mother and grandmother both became pregnant at a very young age, her grandfather is an ignorant misogynist, and her Uncle Peck is a recovering alcoholic who molests her during a driving lesson when Li’l Bit is only 11 years old. As time goes on, Peck begins taking sexually suggestive photos of his niece, and continues his sexual advances, but because he is kind and supportive, Li’l Bit ignores the uncomfortable feelings she has toward the situation and instead focuses on her driving lessons with Peck. Driving gives her a small sense of freedom and control – the one thing she is thankful for despite being part of a tumultuous family.

The Member of the Wedding

‘The Member of the Wedding’ tells the story of Frankie Addams, an introspective twelve year old girl growing up with a widowed father who shows her no affection, and their black cook Berenice Brown, a warm woman who lends a shoulder to Frankie. When Frankie’s older brother Jarvis returns from the army and announces his impending marriage, Frankie is ecstatic at the prospect of being a member of the wedding, but once she finds out she will not have a part in the honeymoon celebration as she thought she would, she is distraught. Despite her anguish over the wedding arrangements, her younger cousin John Henry tragically dying of meningitis and her beloved Berenice leaving to get married herself, Frankie still sees better days ahead, and her very first romantic feelings become stirred.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

In this fun-filled battle of the sneakiest two con artists, Lawrence Jameson and Freddy Benson attempt to find young female targets in the French Riviera. Instead of fighting for the money outright, they devise a scheme: the first man to obtain $50,000 from their mark is the winner and may stay in town, but the loser must leave for good. The women they target are looking for love, so the men might get more than they bargained for! This comedic musical adapted from the hilarious 1988 film starring Michael Caine and Steve Martin is sure to get your feet tapping and your fingers snapping!