Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to incite pugilistic jag-offs

First off, save me the quasi-spiritual advice that arguing with people on the “internets” is a fruitless venture. I know that, but it still passes the time and it amuses me so I don’t really mind. Also, at a certain point, the less dense among you will realize that I switched into pure sarcasm/insult mode. Of course, it went over their heads as I expected. There is no sense in arguing with the senseless. You don’t try to convince a dog why he shouldn’t pee on the carpet with reason. You yell at him, or take him to Cesar Millan, or drive him by a kennel a few dozen times and he finally gets the picture. Since I don’t want to drive these fascist ingrates anywhere, I’m not going to bother, but to repeat, I’m going to make fun of them in the comfort of my own home. Right now, I’m in my oversized Yankees hoodie sitting in bed. I’m quite comfortable, and I’m quite confident that you’ll see how ridiculous these people are/these kinds of arguments were. I don’t put myself past the realm of ridiculousness, I embrace it in all its potential crudeness, so if you try to make me feel ambivalent toward what I said to these clowns, I may just have to give Cesar Millan a call.

Also, no names were withheld because no one was innocent. And this cat doesn't believe in false kindness. :)
So it goes..

Jessica Carolina Blandon: Lohan who? I can't believe the news coverage being given to a spoiled 20-something yr old. Here are a few 20 yr-olds worth knowing about: Justin Allen 23, Brett Linley 29, Matt Weikert 29, Justus Bartett 27, Dave Santos 21, Chase Stanley 21, Jesse Reed 26, Matthew King 23,Christopher Goeke 23, & Sheldon Tate 27. These ...brave 20+ gave their lives for you this week. Be grateful!!!! Repost if you support the troops!!

[First off, Lohan is on the news because that's what appears to be on the pulse of most American viewers. As much as you complain about the tacky coverage, it doesn't self-correct, because you buy the magazines and watch the shows. The author of this status is a self-proclaimed conservative. She ought to know this and not regurgitate this paper tiger platitude.]

Kathy Concepcion: They gave their lives for an over funded government department. Not for me.

Jessica Carolina Blandon: Tsk tsk. Think like that all you want.

[No number of 'tsk tsk's in the world can knock me off my high horse, sweetheart. I'm a complete prick. ;)]

Kathy Concepcion I intend to. "Support your troops" is an empty, meaningless statement.

Jessica Carolina Blandon: Hmmm.

A: I disagree with Kathy; I think if people were just in it for the money, they could find another job that doesn't require them being shot at all the time.

Orane Stewart: the ones who supply weapons reap the profits of blood, either side

Kathy Concepcion: Wow, did I say anything in relation to them doing it for the money? Maybe you should read more clearly. I said the soldiers died for the tax-payer funded department that funds a war. "Support your troops" doesn't mean anything - it's a cop-out, vapid phrase used to avoid getting into any meaningful debate about the actions of the soldiers, the legitimacy of the war, and the legitimacy of the authoritative structures that launched the war.

[Orane liked this status, I wish he had contributed more to the dialogue but he just added the one comment and let it go, a shame, because I thought it was a good one.]

A: Well, I mean, I guess it depends who is saying it though, no? I'm sure most people who wear those wristbands and whatnot do wish to support their troops, so is it still empty?

Kathy Concepcion: Yes. The wristbands are an easy way to make money off vapid symbolism.

[You can initially think of who profits from the sale of these wrists bands and obnoxious yellow ribbon stickers. I'm pretty sure it's not the soldiers, just as the families of the insurgents didn't profit from the sale of anti-war stickers. It's pretty simple. But, even if a lot of the money gained from the sale of these trinkets did go to help "support" the troops, that doesn't give the statement any more meaning than, "Hey, I bought this consumer good and some of the money went to some soldiers overseas who volunteered for the job, aren't I a good American."

A: Someone has strong feelings about this. :P Oh well. I like Jessica's status, though. :)

Osviel Hechavarria: Owned lol.

Jessica Carolina Blandon: I don't think this is any "owned" kind of thing. People think the way they want and no one can change it. No big deal

Kathy Concepcion: That sounds like something losers would say. ;) Jk.

Jessica Carolina Blandon: Lmao. Could give a shit, at the end of the day. I feel I'm right to think the way I do and I'm sticking.

Xavier Francisco Flores: Regardless of whoever of you give a shit or not. I thank you for posting this, Jessica. Some people are ignorant to the sacrifice us Soldiers make so that our country's citizens can go to sleep without any fear every night.

Kathy Concepcion: What have the soldiers done about the monsters under my bed?

[I never got an answer to this question, another sleepless night for me. Goddamnit.]

A: Yeah-- I kind of know better than to debate with someone who has strong feelings. XD In Psych you learn it's impossible, especially over a subject like this, since it's very subjective. I know there is truth to her statement, however, I disagree with the premise of "support our troops" being vapid-- regardless of government intent. But I'd rather agree to disagree than start a whole war on facebook. xD

John Lugo I really feel sorry for the people that think backing up the men and women that fight so the people back at home dont have to go there lives with out having to make the choices we do here. you ask any person here and they will all tell you the same thing, im here doing my job to make sure it never comes home. the people that were killed this week gave there lives for everyone at home. I would love for the people that didnt give a fuck to come here and do the things we do. see how much they would say its a cop-out.

[This is unedited, folks.]

Xavier Francisco Flores: Hooah, bro.

[Kicking it into ra-ra-ra Pacino mode. What a hoot!]

John Lugo: its tru man, i really hate motherfuckers that say fuck this and that when they still live in the US. really? if i didnt like something so bad id move the fuck out! I hear Iraq and afghanistan feel the same way about the US, not a bad place to live if thats how you feel. just make sure you bring lots of sunblock and if your on the other side pack warm. it gets pretty cold over there... O another, make sure you look out for IEDs and fuckers with AK47s, other then that its fine =P

Kathy Concepcion: Does it hurt being that illiterate?

[I know, I know, I can hear the groans already. See, I could have explained the very clear fact that complaining about an aspect of the U.S government doesn't mean I hate the people in the U.S so much that I'm planning on moving overseas, but there was no point in trying to explain anything to this moron.]

Xavier Francisco Flores: QFT +1

Xavier Francisco Flores: Illiterate? Seriously? What's with the disrespect? We do this for everyone. My brother does what he does for all of you. Even the ignorant ones.

Kathy Concepcion: What's with the disrespect in his half-retarded rant that advanced no argument whatsoever? It disrespects me to have to read that kind of absurdly hyperbolic macho bullshit. When you get a grasp on elementary English grammar, maybe I'll hear what you have to say about foreign policy. Until then, I'm going to laugh at you in the comfort of my own home.

[This should speak for itself.]

Xavier Francisco Flores: Kathy, I swear, you are probably the most unpatriotic, undeserving, and ignorant American I've ever met. Id love to see you live a day in a soldiers boots who is deployed.

Kathy Concepcion: Thanks for the compliment! :)

Xavier Francisco Flores: I'm so sorry, I forgot to mention heartless.

[Well, shit, how can you forget to mention heartless!?]

John Lugo: she couldnt do it, she loves living her life thinking she is a rock star and on her high horse. keep living your life thinking in the safty of the US, at the end of the day you may think im stupid but whos the stupid one talking shit and still living in a place where she doesnt want to be???

[I don't know what 'safty' is. Sounds like something that may go well with bagels and cream cheese.]

A: Damn. 27 comments. Poor Jessica. Sorry for the rape. XD

Saul Noyola: God forbid there is another terrorist attack in this country, but if there is I hope you kathy are in the general area. Btw my brothers John and Xavier fight for this country so your bitch ass has the freedom to talk shit on facebook about them. I hope you die a horrible slow and agonizing death.

Kathy Concepcion: LMFAO you guys are too much!

Saul Noyola: Oh and btw its people like you that make this country as shitty as it is. I also have more respect for these soldiers who still go and fight knowing there are pieces of shit like you still here!

[And yet, he chose to defend a "shitty" country. It's pretty funny that people like this are so quick to come to the blind defense of the U.S, but then when they encounter people they disagree with, they say people like me exist because the nation has gone to hell in a hand basket. You can't have it both ways, asshole.]

A: Ouch. That's a little too harsh, no?

Kathy Concepcion: Hey buddy, if this country is so "shitty" why don't you GIT OUT! :P

[My sarcasm here will be evident to anyone familiar with South Park.]

Saul Noyola: I'm not the one bitching and moaning like a cow in labor about the government and soldiers. I'm just defending my friends so assholes like you don't make them feel bad for what they do! I'm done with this dumb cunt go die now!

A: Not to sound like a hippie, but just throwing insults at each other and being so aggressive doesn't make you sound any more right. Can't we all just get along? XD

Saul Noyola: I agree!

[Lol! Oh, he agrees! There is hope after all! Oh, except for me, because I've already been told to go die, twice. I feel like a "rockstar" already!]

Frankie Zuazo: Kathy you don't want the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about at parties, you want them out there, you NEED them out there.

Don't sleep soundly under the blanket of security they provide then shit on them for trying to pro...vide it.

Xavier, John....Thanks.

[Aw, a bromance united by a quote from A Few Good Men. How original and heartwarming. "Group hug before we go burn these books!"]

Okay, maybe they don't burn books.. but it seems like their volatile attitude is similar to that of, dare I say it.. "the terrorists."
My goal with this post was more to reflect on the conversation, it wasn't for the reader to pick out who the bigger asshole was, I already self-identify as an asshole in my mind so you don't have to do it for me. Besides, as Kierkegaard said, "Once you label me, you negate me." ;-)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Four 19th century paintings I actually like.

I trust you'll forgive the wack paint copy/paste job.
From the top left:
1. 'Monkeys as Judges of Art' [This is how I feel whenever some schnook who can't spell Picasso tries to say "I can paint that!"] by Gabriel von Max (1889)
2. 'Paris Street; Rainy Day' by Gustave Caillebotte (1877) [One of the only Impressionist paintings I like.]
3. 'Escaping Criticism' by Pere Borrell del Caso (1874)[The title and the technique are great]
4. 'Saturn Devouring His Son' Francisco Goya (1819-1823) [This painting is like the grandpappy of the work of Francis Bacon. Great stuff.]

See, I'm not *exactly* a 20th/21st century snob. ;-)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sean Landers, "Why So Panicky?" (2004)

Alex Barry "I Wish I Was Sean Landers"

So much meaning in here.

Kathy's Hip 100 (part 2)

11. Marcel Duchamp – The pseudoephedrine of the art world
12. Rene Magritte- This is not a statement
13. Martin Kippenberger – “no problem”
14. Pepon Osorio – the crime of culture
15. Amedeo Modigliani – long pointy faces
16. Richard Prince –cig ads, no butts about it
17. Romero Britto- poor man’s Warhol+Koons, minus the talent.
18. Roy Lichtenstein– comic book despair
19. Takashi Murakami – cartoony mushrooms and masturbating cowboys
20. Edvard Munch – ambivalent gothic nightmares

My (abridged) version of Davies' The Hip One Hundred' (part 1)

If you're reading this and aren't already familiar with the piece, I encourage you to click the picture and look a bit closer because it's quite brilliant.

Here's the beginning of what may or may not become my own 100 list. I'll edit more as I go along.
For now, a top 10 - this isn't in any particular order of importance - Davies himself would often look back at his piece and bemoan (so to speak) picking one artist above another.

1. Jean-Michel Basquiat – Adonis ghetto prophet
2. Paul McCarthy - ketchup and prosthetic noses
3. John Baldessari – how to form a pithy quote:
4. Sean Landers – ha,ha.ha-
5. Salvador Dali- the biblical story on mescaline
6. Jackson Pollock – the noble savage
7. Tracey Emin- here's my bed, here's my “list”, now piss off .
8. Edward Hopper – Mad Men, after-hours.
9. Tamara de Lempicka – champagne and oysters rockefeller at a Gatsby party
10. Gilbert and George – repressed gay Willy Lomans on acid.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Ratchet Men - An Original One-Act Play

Here's a link to my June 2009 short play, 'The Ratchet Men'

Written by moi,
Directed by Othon Cardelle

Patrick - Ian Vargas
Tom - Marlon Aquino
Voiceover - Othon Cardelle

Filmed by: Rodrigo Gil

Happy viewing :)



of the month isn’t good enough.
We want the flavor of the day.
With variety comes responsibility.
Come on, bitches: Scoop, scoop, scoop!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Path

The Path
...to my heart is lined with pipe bombs and rusty shrapnel.
I don’t buy into Hallmark lamentations, don’t bring them here.
You won’t have time to swoon
when you’re dodging the punji sticks that illuminate the way
And like sea turtles attracted by light, you’ll get trampled by a streetcar
only named desire.