Friday, July 31, 2009

I'll Show You Love in a Handful of Dust

A poem I wrote some time last year. The slight zig-zag spacing is deliberate.

I'll show you love in a handful of dust the way Eliot showed us fear.

Sleep is the everyman's escape tool as dawn meets dusk.

Words are spoken:

“Reality is mundane.”

“I don't care enough to be nonchalant.”

“You're not the ink you write your rantings on.”

“In the grand scheme of things, you are marginally as

important as the paper you are reading this on.”

Images that strike you like a calculated gaze.

Words are noted:

“Anticipations lead to disappointments.”

“Disappointments lead to apathy.”

“Apathy is a glamorized indifference and

indifference is the left-fold path to nirvana.”

            The mirror image of Eastern enlightenment

How are we amused?

Apathy towards the misbegotten after “Dickens had it right!”

Anarchists by law, nihilists by the book, and agricultural primitivists...

When don’t humans plummet into contradictions?

              We are our own ‘noble savages.’

Angst is standard operating procedure.

Assimilation: requires no intellect of thought, no je ne sais quoi

You may already be a member.

            This is the way the world works.

Critiques and critics: lend a character to a useless frame.

All your choices are illusions and bad faith has missed its aim.


  1. "Critiques and critics: lend a character to a useless frame." That's a good line. This whole poem is full of great lines.

  2. Thank you :D It's a series of lines, lol. I kind of like it that way, but maybe someday I'll try to write something around a central image. <3